Wandin Junior Football Club

Congratulations to the following players who represented the Dandenong Ranges  Junior Football League in the carnival held on the Queen’s Birthday weekend.  We are very proud of you all!

Special mention to and congratulations to Patrick Bruzzese who took home MVP for both games he played in.  Rhys Smith and Todd Garner also took home MVP in one game each.

Under 16’s

Reuben Jones, Patrick Bruzzese, Brent Norfolk & Lachlan Sinnott


Under 15’s

Todd Garner, Rhys Smith, Cole Steiner & Matthew Feakes


Under 14’s

Max Hall, Cameron Humphries & Mitch Mutsaers


Under 13’s

Mitch Sinnott & Flynn Kroeger


Under 12’s

Connor Smith, Jakob Upton, Hunter Coghlan


Under 11’s

Patrick Vanstan & Archie Brown