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Wednesday night 5.45pm to 6.45pm – Wandin East


Game – Round 7 vs Healesville

Wandin vs Healsville @ home 8:50am





Previous Round Summary

Under 10 – Lightening Premiership

This week saw the Under 10’s venture up to Wesburn for the annual lightening premiership. The day revolved around the boys playing 3 games throughout the morning. The games were 2 x 10 minute halves. The scores were recorded (but not shown) and at the end of the day, teams that were able to win 3 games were presented with a trophy. The boys were pretty excited about winning each of there games and bringing home the trophy. Our games throughout the morning were against Emerald, Woori Yallock and Gembrook Cockatoo. 

The first game against Emerald was a team we were yet to play against. The boys were excited but took a little bit to get going. Emerald kicked the first goal. The start of the match was pretty free flowing, with the ball going up and down the ground fairly quickly. With Emerald scoring it seemed to give the boys a little kick start and we started to hold our positions and this allowed us to move the ball forward and kick 3 goals to finish out the half. The second half start was a mirror image of the first. Emerald kicked the first goal. The boys again jumped into action and added a further 3 goals. It was a really good team performance to start the day. 

The second game was against Woori Yallock. Another team we are yet to play against this year. With this competition, the grounds are compromised size wise, which played against our free flowing running style. The boys decided that they would creep forward, and the ball was locked into our forward line for the majority of the game. The backline boys had to be reminded to hold there positions. When they did this it opened up the game and we were able to score. To the boys credit they played great team football. They worked back hard when Woori pushed forward but in the end didn’t allow Woori Yallock to score. Another win for the boys and they were pumped for the last game against Gembrook to make it 3 from 3. 

The last game of the morning for the boys and the boys didn’t disappoint. They worked together to move the ball forward with handball and once out kicked the ball long forward. Gembrook proved to be tough at the contest but the boys loved every second of it. The physical nature of the game was exactly what the boys wanted and they enjoyed it. We were able to again keep our opposition scoreless while kicking 5 goals. 

This saw the boys win 3 from 3 and awarded a trophy for there efforts. It was a great morning and we had plenty of support form parents, brothers, sisters and grand parents. At the end when presenting awards for the day, to see so much support for the team was fantastic. Thank you to everyone who ventured up the highway. A big thank you to Stretch for some great photo’s of the day.

See you all at training and at next weeks game.  


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Bob Foletta
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Craig McEvoy

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