Wandin Junior Football Club

Under 10’s

Season is now finished.  See you all in 2019




2018 Season Review

Wow, what a season from the under 10s this year. Undefeated for the season was an amazing effort by this group. It took a few games to find our mojo, but after a come from behind win in round 4 against the strong Mt Evelyn team we dominated the remainder of the season. A season highlight was winning a trophy in the Lightning Premiership in Round 5. I have received numerous comments throughout the season from opposition coaches and umpires at how well these boys play as a team.

22 boys on the list this year, with 14 top age and 8 boys still eligible for under 9s. This being my 3rd year coaching the under 10s with the core of this team playing the last 3 years together. The improvement in skills and team play has been incredible from season to season. Every single member of this team improved and contributed each and every week, which has been my goal since I started coaching. This even contribution was proven when by Round 9 every boy had kicked at least one goal.

Across 14 games we kicked a total of 127 goals / 88 behinds to our opponents 12 goals 13. Not too bad for only 4 10mins quarters each week.

Would like to thank all the parents for helping out with the game day volunteers jobs each and every week. Special thanks to Glen Duncan for doing an amazing job as team manager, Shane Rowe for being my right hand man for the past 3 years & Sam Vennix for being our trainer once again. Some other thankyou’s to Danny Alderman, Jamie Kelly, Stu Sculthorpe, Mark Mays, Ben Hellema, Tony Lamonica for your assistance on training nights.

I can see some real success for this team in the next few years if these boys all stick together. I have loved coaching this group and wish all the boys the best in their future football journeys.

Top Goal Scorers – Lachie Alderman 19, Jarrah Walpole 18, Lachy Holt 17, Mitch Upton 14, Tarrant Sculthorpe 8, Darcy Mays 8, Jayden Duncan 7, Cooper Hellema 6, Josh Vennix 6

50 Game Milestones – Josh Vennix, Lachie Alderman, Jarrah Walpole, Lachy Holt



Previous Round Summary

The final round for the year was played at Belgrave on cold windy morning.  Congrats to Lachy Holt who got to celebrate his 50th game and run through his banner.  The Belgrave side were a very small and young side and really struggled against our boys.  We dominated the game with the ball constantly in our forward line.  We scored a total of 21 goals for the game.  

Congratulations to the boys who finished the season undefeated.  Super proud of their efforts with significant improvement from all the boys throughout the season. 

The final score for the day was Wandin 21.6 to Belgrave 0.0

Best Players

Darcy, Jarrah, Mitch U, Josh V, Cooper R, Lachie A, Cooper A, Cooper H


Encouragement Awards

Cooper A, Cooper R, Lachie C, Lachie H



Darcy 4, Jarrah 4, Mitch U 3, Cooper R 2, Cooper H 2, Josh 2, Lachy H 2, Lachie A 1, Tarrant 1

Head Coach
Dean Walpole 0412 475 190 [email protected]
Assistant Coach
Shane Rowe 0402 362 686
Team Manager
Glen Duncan 0416 714 644 G[email protected]
Trainer / First Aid
Sam Vennix