Wandin Junior Football Club

Under 11’s

This Week



Friday night @ Home Ground 5pm to 6pm – Clegg Road Wandin North – Followed by Doggie Dinner


Game – Round 14 vs Woori Yallock

Wandin vs Worri Yallock @ home 11:10am

Previous Round Summary

Today the under 11’s had a tough match against the 3rd placed Emerald team away. Before the game started we seemed a lot more switched on compared to other weeks , which told the story on the ground. We played as a team and was able to hit the scoreboard and win the game by a good margin. The team work that we been practicing was on show today with lots of handballs , Shepard’s and our positioning was a lot better. Our best effort so far this year , we’ll done to all.



Wandin 6 . 8 – 48 def by Emerald 0 . 1 – 1


Best Players

Lachlan A / Mitch U / Ricky T / Tarrant / Mitch L



Lachlan A 2 / Mitch U 2 / Cooper R 1 / Tarrant 1

Head Coach

Shane Rowe

0402 362 686


Assistant Coach

Jamie Kelly

Team Manager

Glenn Duncan

0416 714 644


Trainer / First Aid

Renae Carter