Wandin Junior Football Club

Under 9’s

This Week


Friday night – training at Wandin Nth from 5.00pm. Awards at 5.50pm

Round 14 Away vs Wandin 

Round 14 – Wandin vs Mt Evelyn White away @ Mt Evelyn Ground 2 @ 9:15am
Please be at the ground by 8.40am.

Volunteers for Round 14

Canteen – – TBC
Goal Umpire – TBC
Umpire Escort – TBC
Time Keeper – TBC


Previous Round Summary

A cold, early Sunday morning greeted us as we ventured up the hill to take on Olinda. Even though it was cold, the ground was in great condition and with no fog the boys were ready to go. Playing on a shorter ground than what we have been playing, the boys held there positions well to make sure we didn’t have to many players congesting up the play. Over the last part of the year, we have worked hard on our linking up with handball and backing each other up and this has improved each week on game day and Sunday was probably the best the boys have done to date. The number of handballs from a pack to try and free up the play and move the ball forward to a team mate in a better position was great to see. It allowed us to move the ball away from the congestion out into space which then saw us move the ball forward and it gave our forwards opportunities to kick goals. Another thing to impress was our marking of the ball. Isaac Vennix took some great marks while the Woning twins, Will and Malachi, both attempted to take some screamers. Up forward Thomas Day, Jackson Foletta and Harry Crossland were able to hit the score board and kick some great team goals. It was a great team performance and with one game to go, I’m looking forward to finishing off the season with another great team game.

Best Players

Taj Ripepi, Isacc Vennix, Tyler Seeger, Jackson Foletta, Thomas Day


Encouragement Awards

to be handed out Friday night after training




Jumper # Name
1Will McConville        
2Emanuel Vallence
3Ethan Hoiles        
4Isacc Vennix        
5Lachlan Godwin        
6Scott Macnee-O'Halloran        
7Dylan Pollock        
8Bae Bissels
9Zach DeIulio        
10Harry Crossland
11Locklan Lane        
13Cooper Wilkinson        
14Will Woning        
15Will McAllan        
16Tyler Seeger        
17Tristan Riddiford        
18Oliver Vuarchoz        
19Thomas Robinson        
20Oliver Robinson        
23Taj Ripepi        
25Malachi Woning        
28Thomas Day        
30Oliver Sorace        
31Zac Perrin        
35Jackson Foletta        
Head Coach

Bob Foletta

0409 014 996

[email protected]

Assistant Coach
Team Manager

Nick Crossland



Trainer / First Aid